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Handmade Bouquets with all Flowers Grown in Britain - Wiggly Wigglers Guarantee

Quicker than using nappy sacks, hydrates all the stems in the bouquet, looks better, compostable, no courrier issues - some of the reasons why Wiggly Wigglers use Gel4Flowers for their bouquet deliveries.



What is Gel4Flowers?

bouquet-in-gelA unique gel based transport/delivery product specifically formulated for the final stage of cut flower supply – courier delivery.
Gel4Flowers provides water and nutrients during the final stages of the supply chain where good hydration helps to improves vase life.  Being a gel, Gel4Flowers does not 'spill' onto packaging or the flowers causing damage.  It remains in the base of the bouquet delivering hydration to every stem unlike some delivery methods that only hydrate the outer stems they actually touch.  This is the best substitute for 'loose water' in an aqua pack and ensures the bouquet and its packaging look fantastic.  

Gel4Flowers has a homogeneous consistency that is thixotropic, providing a superior non-toxic, clear medium for bouquets.  It is not a poly acylamide water absorbing gel like others on the market.  It is designed using rheology modifiers to release water.

The thixotropic nature of Gel4Flowers means it liquefies under the slightest pressure and so can be pumped like water.  This means it can be easily added to a ready made bouquet decreasing the overall time of assembly. 

Gel4Flowers is ideal for you bouquets by:

  • Making water and nutrients available to the every stem at a key stage in the supply chain - even spiral bouquets
  • Overcoming parcel carrier objections to water
  • Eliminating unsightly staining on cardboard packaging
  • Reducing flower head and stem damage
  • Removing spillage and leakage problems
  • Using a single stage process during assembly of the bouquet - faster to use

Gel4Flowers can be used for single or multiple stems.  The amount of gel to use is dependent on the size of the bouquets.  For large bouquets we recommend 150 – 250 ml gel. 

Note - the flowers should only be placed in the gel for a maximum of 72 hours.

The gel should be removed from the base of the flower stems before the stems are placed into vase water.  The gel is totally miscible with water and can be disposed of by washing down the sink, included with normal household waste or composted.  Gel4Flowers is non-toxic.


Gel4Flowers is available in 5Litre (on line), 25Litre, 200Litre  and 1000Litre conatiners.


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Customer Comments:

Sam Rosen-Nash, Flower Buyer for Fortnum & Mason, said:

“The gel solves an array of water-related problems during transportation. These include leaks, damage to the flowers and staining of the cardboard packaging. In contrast to water, the gel stays firm and keeps the flowers in top condition. As a result, we are able to offer countrywide delivery from our store in London, thus ensuring that we have absolute control over presentation.”

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