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Following the UK's decision to change their approval criteria to the EU's guidelines we are not in a position to supply Gel2Root and Gel4Plugs to the UK market.  We're in the process of re registering these products and hope to have the approval re instated soon 

Why Gel2Root Works


Gel2Root is a unique medium specifically developed for the propagation of houseplants whether softwood cuttings, leaf cuttings or offsets are used.


Gel2Root is homogeneous and provides the cutting with a natural chemical to promote root formation.  The root-inducing agent, indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), occurs naturally in plants.  It helps to reduce the shock to the cutting by providing an environment that is similar to that inside the cutting.  Reducing shock helps lead to the natural formation of root buds on the stem.


When soil or compost is used for cuttings the tendency is often to remove them to see whether or not roots have formed.  If they haven’t, this process may itself prevent root bud formation.  Using Gel2Root enables you to see the roots develop.  The new young roots are provided with a full package of nutrients to ensure rapid and healthy development.


Gel2Root is essentially a medium for propagation but, there is no need to pot on immediately the roots become visible.  This can be done at your leisure because the nutrients and water in the gel will sustain a considerable amount of growth.

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