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Following the UK's decision to change their approval criteria to the EU's guidelines we are not in a position to supply Gel2Root and Gel4Plugs to the UK market.  We're in the process of re registering these products and hope to have the approval re instated soon 

Types of Cuttings

Gel2Root is suitable for rooting cuttings of houseplants and many softwoods. Do not use hardwood cuttings ………… they will not root!


Select cuttings from a characteristic part of the parent plant so that these details are represented in your new plant. Different types of cuttings are summarized below. Make sure you take the correct type of cutting from each plant. Generally, for plants that have several leaves growing along each stem, it is a stem cutting that will root. For plants mostly formed from leaves, i.e. one leaf per short stem or several leaves growing from the same point on short stems, leaf stem or leaf cuttings are likely to root. Pay careful attention to detail and you will be rewarded with healthy new plants.

Stem Cuttings

Stem cuttings are commonly used to propagate plants with distinct stems e.g. fuchsia, coleus and geranium.

cutting1 cutting2


The cutting should be taken from a fast-growing stem from the current year’s growth as these shoots are most likely to produce roots.
Take stem cuttings approximately 12 cm (about 5 inches) long, from healthy plants, remove the lower leaves and cut to approximately 9 cm (about 3½ inches) just below a leaf joint. Only a few small leaves are needed on any stem cutting. Immediately put the cutting into gel to avoid wilting.

Leaf Bud Cuttings

Leaf bud cuttings are taken from plants with long trailing stems e.g. Ivy and Scindapsus. Take a section of stem by cutting above and below a leaf joint. Insert the stem that is below the joint into the gel. Roots will grow from the stem and new shoots will grow from the bud at the leaf joint.

Leaf Stem Cuttings

Leaf stem cuttings are taken from plants that consist mainly of leaves with short stems, i.e. African Violet (Saintpaulia) and Peperomia. Take a healthy adult leaf, normally from the base of the plant, and trim the stem to 2 – 4 cm long. Insert the cutting in the gel. Roots will grow from the stem and new leaves will grow from the base of the leaf.

Leaf Cuttings

Leaf cuttings are taken from plants that consist mainly of leaves with little or no stem e.g. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. Choose a healthy, mature leaf and cut sections across about 3 cm in height, including a main vein. Insert the cutting upright so about half is in the gel.


Some species produce miniature plants at the end of flowering stems e.g. Spider Plant and Tolmiea. simply detach these plantlets and insert them in the gel.


A number of plants form several clumps e.g. Maranta, Peperomia and many ferns. these can be easily propagated by division. Carefully pull off a segment by exposing the connection between the clump and the main plant and cut with a sharp blade. Any soil adhering to the section removed can be washed off under a tap before inserting in the gel.

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