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Handmade Bouquets with all Flowers Grown in Britain - Wiggly Wigglers Guarantee

Quicker than using nappy sacks, hydrates all the stems in the bouquet, looks better, compostable, no courrier issues - some of the reasons why Wiggly Wigglers use Gel4Flowers for their bouquet deliveries.



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Facts and Figures on Taking Cuttings

  • Since taking cuttings is a fast, inexpensive way to grow several new plants (clones) from one (mother plant), more people take cuttings than buy seeds
  • One estimate suggests that most households possess on average at least 6 houseplants and, according to the horticultural press, about 50% of houseplant owners take cuttings of their plants on at least one occasion, the average being sixteen!
  • Around 9 million people in the UK can be classified as ‘marginal’ gardeners.  High on the list of gardening activities is taking cuttings
  • An estimated 30 million cuttings are taking in the UK each year
  • Consumer research suggests that Gel2Root is seen as a clean, simple and convenient way to grow healthy cuttings in
  • Gel2Root works successfully with most common species of houseplants and softwood plants – the list is steadily ‘growing’.  See our Gel2Root plant list for an up to date list

Initial trials using Gel2Root showed:

  • 90% consumers agreed that using Gel2Root was easier than their usual method of propagation
  • 95% consumers that had not attempted to take cuttings from plants said they would give Gel2Root ‘a go’ because it looked so simple to use
  • 100% consumers agreed that using Gel2Root was quicker than their usual method of propagating plants
  • 100% consumers agreed that Gel2Root was cleaner than their usual method of propagation